On Course features

On-course companions don’t get better than this

Give your caddy the day off. For good. Golf GameBook is the digital scorecard that does all the math for you. Plus it helps you to plan your shots as it knows every nook and cranny of golf courses around the world. The only thing it doesn’t do is clean your clubs… yet.

Scoring made simple - digital scorecard & 25 different game formats
Save those little pencils for shopping lists. Golf
GameBook’s digital scorecard is the quickest way to record your scores. With support for multiple players and over 25 exciting game formats, the only thing missing is the reality TV crew. 

Plan & Measure your shots - GPS & course database
Our golf course database has you covered from Stockholm to Brisbane. There’s no 18 hole golf course on the moon, but we’ll make sure to add it once available.

Our GPS feature allows you to check the distance, plan your next shot and measure your most impressive drives.

Capture & Share your best golf moments - photos & videos
Your first round of golf
with your son. That selfie on Swilken Bridge. Your seventh hole-in-one. That amazing banana slice to the parking lot. With Golf GameBook, you can capture your best golf moments– and share them with your friends.

Every score as it happens - live scoring
No matter whether you are playing Sunday skins with a few friends or organizing a bigger tournament, with Golf
GameBook’s live leaderboards you’ll never play blindfolded again.

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