Match Play

Match Play is a game format in which the round is played with the goal of winning more individual holes than the opponent player or team. Score 4 wins the hole against score 5. Score "2 up" means that the leading player has won two holes more than the opponent. Final score 3&2 means that the winner was three holes up with only two holes to play, thus ending the match earlier.

There are five Match Play formats to choose from. These are explained below:

Match Play, Individual
This is a match play game format between two individual players. Like all match play formats, individual Match Play can be played either with or without handicaps.

Match Play, Better Ball
This is a match play version of the 2-person Better Ball. Two teams of two players play a game with match play rules, each player playing his or her own ball throughout the round. On each hole the better score counts as the team score. The team winning more individual holes wins the game.

Match Play, Scramble
In scramble Match Play two teams of two players play a game against each other with match play rules. In scramble both players play every shot but only the better one is always chosen.

Match Play, Foursome
In foursome Match Play, golfers compete in teams of two, each using one ball, and taking alternate shots until the hole is completed. Team members also take turns in teeing off on each hole, i.e. one player will take the tee shot on odd-numbered holes, and the other on even-numbered holes.

Match Play, Greensome

Greensome follows the same format as foursome, except that both players tee off on every hole. The better ball is chosen and alternate strokes are then played to complete the hole.

GameBook tip: try fun Bloodsome game format, which is played just like a greensome match, with one difference: the opposition pairing will choose which ball is played after the opening shots on every hole...

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