Reds vs. Blues and how to create a tournament

Reds vs. Blues:

Reds vs Blues is a team matchplay format which enables you to play your own Ryder Cup style matchplay event between two teams. Reds vs Blues match can be created only with online game creation.

We support these Match Play formats, and you can combine these formats in your Reds vs Blues event: Match Play Individual, Match Play Better Ball, Match Play Scramble, Match Play Foursome and Match Play Greensome. More about the Match Play formats here. Each match is worth one point just like in Ryder Cup and this can't be changed.

How to create a Reds vs. Blues game:

Use your GameBook account to login and click 'Create game'.

When setting up the details, select one of the five match play game formats as a primary game (this will be the game format of the first round when playing a multiround Reds vs Blues match). Then select “Yes” for the Reds vs Blues Mode in the 'Primary Game' settings box. In multiround Reds vs. Blues tournaments you can choose different match play formats for each round.

To enjoy your round with Reds v Blues Game format, you need GameBook iPhone app version 3.7.2 or newer.

NOTE: Teams cannot be changed after creation. In multiround tournaments all players must play on every round. Groups can be changed between the rounds. If the groups aren't yet known for all rounds, add all the players to the game anyway and make the modifications right before the event. Modifications can only be made online.

Reds vs. Blues setup online.

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