Creating a game

How do I create a new game?

After you have registered to GameBook you can create games with the application or online game management system Game Manager. You can create bigger tournaments easily online. You can also create Reds vs. Blues games and multiround games.

You can find the online game creation at

How to setup a game with the application

1. Login to the application.

2. Select "Play Golf" and select the course you are playing. You can use your location to determinate the course or just search for the right course.

4. In the Game Setup you can edit everything you see. Change the game's name, date, course, how many holes to play, game formats and add players to the game. Note that you can only set contests and challenges with the Game Manager.
5. Select the primary and side game formats. After you have selected the format you can select how to use the handicaps and which tie-break method to use.

6. Now add players to the game, tap on "+ Manage players and teams". Tap next to the player you wish to add. Add players you follow or search players from the GameBook database, you can also create them as a temporary players.

7. Once ready, just tap on "Start round".

8. Now the score entry view appears. On iOS: Score entry view will appear when holding the device horizonally.

9. Just press on the green hole indicator next to the right player's name, and enter his/her score on that particular hole. The application will do all the calculation for you so just enter the score as it is. The leaderboards will update after each entered result.

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